5 Weird Weight Loss Tips that Actually Work

by Fred Jones

Weight loss tips are often a dime a dozen. You come across hundreds of weight loss tips, diets, exercises, and unusual rituals that often leave you wondering why they didn’t work. Just because those tips are challenging to follow doesn’t mean that they will make you lose weight.

Burning fat is just a simple concept to follow – burn more calories than what you consume. It’s a simple concept, yes – but applying it to your lifestyle is the real challenge. Just as long as you burn more calories than what you eat, it’s guaranteed that you will force your body to burn fat, and thus help you lose weight.

But let’s say you’ve tried just about everything to lose weight, and you still struggle to meet your target weight. You follow every diet and exercise to the letter, and you even count your calories and macros, and you even take your micronutrients into account. You just need a little bit more to get you over the hump. Here’s something that might help you out – 5 weird weight loss tips that actually work:


1. Eat a heavy breakfast

Your diet may need to get tweaked a bit to line up perfectly with how your body metabolizes. Your breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, and that’s where you should load up a bit more. Eating a heavy breakfast helps you stay full and give you enough energy throughout the day to help curb those hunger pangs. When you start off your day with a heavy breakfast and eat a smaller portion for lunch and an even smaller portion for dinner, that might just give your metabolism the boost it needs to efficiently use calories so you keep burning all those excess fat.


The best thing about breakfast is that many of the food items you normally eat can be easily bought at your local grocery store. Bananas, yogurt, whole wheat cereal – these are the things that would keep you energized, but could also help you restrict your calorie intake as the day progresses.


2. Vanilla-scented candles

Vanilla scented candles

Did you know that vanilla-scented candles could help you lose weight? Props to the researchers who really thought outside of the box to make this study happen, but apparently, vanilla-scented candles helped people lose weight at an average of 4.5 pounds a month. The idea is that your olfactory sense motivates you to eat, and vanilla helps eliminate your need to eat more than you should.


Just like how the smell of bacon entices you to eat breakfast, vanilla-scented candles do the exact opposite, by reducing your hunger sense. If candles aren’t your thing, any vanilla-scented perfume or air freshener would do.


3. Black coffee every morning

A fresh cup of joe may just be the trick that would help you shed those extra pounds of fat for good. Coffee contains caffeine, the chemical that gets you alert and energized every morning. It’s also a stimulant that triggers thermogenesis, a process that increases your core body temperature. As your body heats up, the more it consumes calories, therefore speeding up your metabolism. Most people may have noticed that drinking coffee makes them sweat a bit, and that’s because of caffeine’s thermogenic effect.


The trick with coffee is drinking it straight black – without sugar, sweetener, cream, or milk. This helps reduce your sugar consumption. On its own, black coffee contains less than 2 calories per cup, and that helps you balance your calories while boosting your energy and metabolism.


4. Get a full night’s sleep

Top View of Handsome Young Man Sleeping Cozily on a Bed in His Bedroom at Night. Blue Nightly Colors with Cold Weak Lamppost Light Shining Through the Window.

If you need an excuse to go to bed early, then this might just do it for you. Getting a full 8-hour sleep at night could help you lose weight. Because of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many individuals have an erratic sleep cycle that messes with their metabolism. The circadian rhythm, also known as our “body clock”, also determines how our body metabolizes. Maintaining a full 8-hour sleep at night will help your sleep cycle fall back into rhythm, which will help normalize your metabolism.


Sleep deprivation could increase your appetite, increase your cortisol, and increase the hormones that form fat cells. It’s your body’s way of adapting to the lack of sleep that makes you gain weight, and you can undo it by simply getting the right amount of sleep that your body needs.


5. Take appetite suppressants

Not everyone is capable of changing their lifestyle completely to adopt a low-calorie lifestyle. For some, they need the help of appetite suppressants to help manage their hunger pangs and reduce their food intake. A calorie-restrictive diet goes against what you’re used to, and it’s more than just a diet that you have to follow; you’re changing the lifestyle that you’re used to, and it could be more challenging than usual.


Appetite suppressants inhibit the hunger hormones that send signals to your brain to make you want to eat. It’s a simple trick that could help you follow a restrictive diet that would lower your food intake.


One of the best natural appetite suppressants is Garcinia Cambogia, a fruit-based supplement that contains hydroxycitric acid, which helps inhibit hunger hormones. Garcinia Cambogia also contains components that allow your body to utilize calories more efficiently, so you burn fat faster with your diet.

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