8 Ways to Boost Your Brain Health and Become A Lot Sexier

by Peter Parker
smart and sexy guy with glasses

According to studies, people with higher IQs are more attractive than those who are averaged. If you think this depends upon the culture you’re in, you’re absolutely wrong. One study involving 10,000 participants from 33 countries showed that intelligence ranks second among the most valued characteristics in a mate. What’s more interesting is that, the more serious the relationship, the higher the attraction to people with higher intelligence. Yet this has nothing to do with the possible income these smart people will make in the future.

Being intelligent is a quality that just stands out on its own. With the kind of attraction women have on intelligent men, it is said that this can induce sexual arousal. In a sense, intelligent men can be sexually attractive. But what if you don’t have intelligent genes running through your veins? It’s never a problem. Your brain is flexible and can be rewired if you just give time to doing it. The tips below can boost your brain’s health and level of intelligence. Start now and become the sexy guy your mate is looking for.

1. Take care of your heart

Your brain works at its best when there’s enough supply of blood. An insufficient amount can hinder your brain’s function making it dull. Your heart is responsible for keeping your blood in proper circulation. When it fails, problems are likely to occur. Heart conditions like atherosclerosis are likely to lead to stroke, which can block the supply of blood to a certain part of the brain. This may cause permanent or temporary damage to your brain.

Keep your heart healthy by regular exercise and good eating habits. Avoid processed or saturated foods and get plenty of sleep.

smashing cigarettes with fist2. Don’t smoke

Smoking is a bad habit that puts your health at risk and causes dementia too. One study shows that participants who smoked more than two packs of cigarettes a day have an increased rate of dementia in old age. A decreased rate of dementia has been found in participants who smoked and stopped.

If you’re a smoker, it’s not yet too late to take care of your brain by quitting. Some women also don’t like men who smell cigarettes. Increase your attractiveness points and quit smoking.

3. Aim for a quality sleep

During sleep, your brain is at work. It clears out toxins known as beta-amyloid, which triggers Alzheimer’s and other problems related to your memory cognition. This is why quality sleep is essential for your body’s healing and restorative processes.

Another work your brain does during sleep is it tries to make sense of everything that took place during the day to consolidate the learning processes. The dreams you have are the results of your brain’s work. You may even notice that when you sleep on your problems, you wake up having the right solution for them. Experts say 7 to 9 hours of sleep is best to give your brain enough time to do its work.

4. Do regular exercise

Whenever we talk about health in the different parts of the body, exercise is always involved. Numerous studies have proven how exercise can help improve your physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects. In terms of brain health, you can get these benefits when you exercise: a good blood flow, which brings more oxygen and glucose into your brain; physical coordination, which gives your brain a workout while it cooperates with your physical activity; the growth of new brain cells and the increased connectivity between them; awakening the dormant stem cells in the hippocampus, which is responsible for your memory.

5. Practice meditation

Meditation has a wide array of mental benefits. Scientists can’t explain why but they’re astonished by the amazing results shown by people who meditate. Meditation helps reduce your anxiety levels, feelings of fatigue, and mental clutter. It also helps people who suffer from insomnia by relaxing their minds and being able to fall asleep and having better sleep.

meditating in natureSome research suggests that meditation can help improve the brain’s information processes much quicker and with ease. More cell density in the hippocampus has also been found in regular meditators.

Stress fogs mental clarity. When you’re stressed, learning doesn’t come easily. But this can be overcome by relaxing the mind through meditation. The internet is full of meditative techniques to try for. Pick the one that suits you best. For a start, try 5 to 10 minutes of deep breathing. A meditation even as short as this can help ease your nerves and calm your mind.

6. Practice eating healthy

Unhealthy foods can affect the quality of your health. When your body isn’t in its best shape so is your brain. Some diets that are found to help boost the health of your brain are the Mediterranean and DASH diets. The Mediterranean diet focuses on the intake of fish, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats like nuts, olive oil, and avocados. The DASH diet emphasizes berries and leafy greens, which are believed to lower Alzheimer’s disease risks.

Dark chocolates are also considered to be brain boosters due to its flavonoids contents that can improve memory and cognitive function. Coffee also helps increase your focus and prevents neurodegenerative diseases. But don’t go beyond two cups a day because it could be harmful then.

7. Meet people

Socializing increases your creative learning. New friends and new people may provide you the information you won’t normally have. They also evoke you to think of appropriate responses during conversations. With different people around, you can see things from different angles and different points of view, which encourages you to have an open mind. Meeting people also decreases your chances of depression, which fills your brain with unnecessary and harmful thoughts and making you anxious.

8. Stay positive

Take advantage of the “Pygmalion effect” by setting positive expectations for yourself. According to this theory what you set yourself up for and believe that it can happen, it is likely to happen. Similarly, if you believe you can’t do a certain thing, that is likely to happen too.

Whatever you believe can happen, your mind will cooperate to make it happen. Others may call this faith, but to set aside religion from this context, let’s just put it as positive thinking. Thinking positively can bring you to places, like believing that you can become more attractive through using your brain and keeping it healthy.

An added bonus, it’s hard for women to differentiate the intelligent man from the average one by looks alone. Their yardstick? A good sense of humor. When you know how to carry conversations well, including your vocabulary, the questions you ask, and the kind of response you expect, a woman can get hooked on you.


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