About Us

TopSupplementsNow.com is a website dedicated to publishing intuitive supplement reviews. Launched in 2015, TopSupplementsNow has become one of the most trusted websites in supplement health. To date, the team has reviewed over 80 different products related to health, fitness, muscle performance, and sexual health.


Our review process is simple – find out the truth. We spend considerable hours digging deep and finding out the truth behind the supplements and what users can expect from it. We use brand-provided information such as supplement facts, and on occasion, we personally test the product for its viability. So far, our process has proven to be effective as our reviews have been referenced in various health supplement websites.


As a health supplement review website, we value integrity the most. We do not accept sponsorships or endorsements from brands and companies. In order to make honest and unbiased reviews, we opt to use the resources available at the disposal of regular consumers.