Can Women Smell Manliness?

by Fred Jones

Picture this – after an hour of working out, you feel sweaty and disgusting, but your lady snugs up to you and you find her sniffing your neck and body. You think it’s weird, but totally interesting – and not to mention, sexy. Why do ladies love the scent of a man?

Let me start this by saying – not every manly scent is pleasant to the senses. That being said, it takes unique compatibility between a couple for each other to find their partner’s scent attractive, and that’s because of pheromones.

Pheromones are the odorless natural chemicals released by the body through sweat that sends signals to the opposite sex. We sense pheromones involuntarily, and it unknowingly affects our attraction and disposition towards individuals of the opposite sex. Pheromones carry a genetic signal, which is picked up by the recipient through their olfactory sense, and this signals whether you are genetically compatible as a mate.

This is one of the reasons why couples find their partner’s smell sexy and intoxicating, when they find a relative’s smell repulsive – it’s because they are genetically incompatible. This is an unknown litmus test between couples to find out if they are going to produce healthy offspring.

Women can smell manliness because of pheromones, and this has a massive impact that goes beyond genetic compatibility.

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed over humankind, it’s the primal attraction between two individuals. Females are hardwired to be attracted to alpha males, like many other species, and this hasn’t changed for us humans.

Alpha males have a unique characteristic that sets them apart from other males of the group. In ancient times, alpha males establish dominance through competition, aggressiveness, and intimidation. Alpha males also have a distinct physical advantage compared to other males of the group. These days, alpha males can still be seen in any social setting, and women still find them attractive to some degree.

Some women can’t explain the attraction they have with some men, regardless if they present themselves as alpha males, and that is likely because of their high testosterone levels. Alpha males are more likely to have higher testosterone levels compared to the other men of the group, and that fuels their physical advantage and other traits that establish them as alpha males. In modern times, unexplained primal magnetism is still evident among couples.


Testosterone and Pheromones

Can Women Smell Manliness?There is a distinct link between testosterone and pheromones that affect a man’s attractiveness. Studies were conducted to confirm the unexplained attractiveness of men by having women rate the attractiveness of men based on their smell. As the study suggests, women find men with higher testosterone levels more attractive compared to older men, which are likely to have lower testosterone levels.


While there are more studies needed to pin down the link between testosterone and pheromones, there’s no denying the fact that testosterone influences pheromones in some way. Experts suggest that it may be another evolutionary trait that carries testosterone signals through pheromones, which are likely received by the opposite sex.

What can you do to increase your pheromones?


Currently, there are no drugs, supplements, or products that are scientifically verified to increase your pheromones, but there are other means that would help you maximize your pheromones.


Perfume and scents

Can Women Smell Manliness?The science behind perfumes and scents originate from pheromones. What others find attractive and pleasing may not be the same for everyone, but as we learn more about pheromones and attraction, there is a much better understanding of the scents that trigger attraction. Some companies try to mimic the chemical composition of pheromones and blend it with scents to trigger attraction. I’m sure you can think of a product that does the exact same marketing gimmick that implies attraction through scents, and this could be the backbone of their entire formula. The main factor to think about when using scents is to opt for lighter scents that do not overpower your natural scent. Anything used in excess, especially perfumes, could be offensive to the senses.


The body releases pheromones through sweat, and normally, the smell of sweat isn’t that all attractive. Sweat smells bad because of bacteria, and the pungent smell that bacteria produces can overpower your pheromones. Make hygiene a regular habit. Take a shower before and after your workouts. When you work out, your increased core temperature can still make your body sweat, and after a good shower, you would have washed out the foul-smelling bacteria that can affect your body odor.

An average person wouldn’t know how they smell, and that’s why it’s important to be conscious of your hygiene. Whenever you sweat, make it a habit to shower and exfoliate to remove the dead skin that feeds bacteria.


Premium testosterone supplements

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